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We Make House Calls

You can experience the same safe, high quality acupuncture treatments our acupuncturists provide in our clinic—in the privacy of your own home or office.  When we make house calls, you can relax in familiar surroundings, without the distractions of other customers or a new environment.

You receive one-on-one attention that feels all the more focused and customized.  Then, once your treatment is over, you can “prolong” the experience for as long as you want, as you rest, sleep, daydream, or meditate—without having to get up and rush into the outside world. 

If you’re visiting Boston and call us ahead, we can schedule an appointment for you in your hotel room.
Our clinicians are among the top specialists in the country and are skilled in treating a myriad of health conditions. All of our acupuncturists are licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, and have completed more than 1,900 hours of clinical and classroom instruction.  Many of them have held faculty positions at the New England School of Acupuncture, the oldest acupuncture school in the country.    


Acupuncture in
Your Home or Office

Acupuncture Woman

Acupuncture Man


$125 per one-hour session
no discounts apply


For an appointment call
617-859-3036, x320

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