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Community Style Acupuncture

Although most acupuncturists in the United States
treat patients in individual rooms, acupuncture has
been a community-based medicine for most of its
3000-year history. In this model, which is still followed in many Asian countries, treatments take place in a group setting.

Acupuncturists recognize that for many conditions frequent treatments produce the most rapid and dramatic changes. The low cost of community style treatments means that patients can afford multiple treatments per week. Although this requires that you make a greater commitment, the response to the treatments will be faster and greater. Your progress and goals will determine how many times per week your clinician recommends you receive acupuncture.

  • Clients receive treatment in groups of up to four people.

  • Clients remain clothed, and should wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows access to these areas.

Community Style Acupuncture
Community-Style Acupuncture Sessions

Sliding Scale:

First Visit Only
$40 - $60 per session

Subsequent Visits
$25 - $45 per session

no discounts apply


Daytime, Evening & Saturday appointments available

open to all

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