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Pathways has partnered with two nearby yoga studios, South End Yoga and Sadhana Yoga, which offer a variety of yoga styles and classes. Please contact the studios directly or visit their web sites for more information and class schedules.
South End Yoga South End Yoga
111 West Concord Street
(rear entrance)
Classes offered:

Kripalu Yoga
With the guidance of the instructor, students are encouraged to modify the poses according to their individual needs. Emphasis is placed on relaxation, flexibility and strength, breath and movement allowing the spirit to soar!

Iyengar Yoga
Extensive use of props and careful observation of alignment are the basis of the Iyengar method allowing a gradual injury free development of strength and flexibility.

Viniyoga is a holistic approach to learning yoga in private and group classes, linking breath and movement to connect with inner wisdom to promote a deeper level of awareness, relaxation, and healing. In this class we use breath, movement, chanting, rest and meditation.

Yoga for Arthritis
The many healing dimensions of yoga can alleviate the stress, stiffness and pain assoicated with arthritis. In Kirpalu yoga the use of meditative practices, breathing techniques and postures are used. These combined elements promote stretching, strengthening, balance and relaxaction to effectively counter the negative effects of this diesease.

Tang Soo Do ("Way of the Open Hand")
A classic martial art which integrates the graceful movements of Northern Chinese martial arts with the sharper techniques of Japanese karate and the centuries-old Korean Soo Bahk ("hand strike") and Tae Kyun ("foot style"0


Sadhana Studio
15 Worcester Street
(between Shawmut and Washington Sts.)

Classes Offered:
A heated, flowing style class appropriate for students who are altogether new to the practice of yoga, as well as for more experienced students who feel they need some educational reinforcement of the fundamental building blocks of the practice. These classes emphasize all of the basic skills necessary to support a student in creating a safe, challenging, enjoyable and successful classroom experience.
All Levels
A heated, flowing style class appropriate for all students. These classes are intended to be highly experiential for the student, combining the warm flow of vinyasa with just enough guidance for the breath and alignment to enhance the experience. These classes are great for “untying your knots” – physically, mentally and emotionally – and reconnecting to your deeper sense of calm and centeredness.

The goal of this class is to introduce the powerful synergy of asana, pranayama (breath work) and meditation. This 2-hour class will be an All-Levels asana class followed by formal instruction and practice in pranayama and meditation.


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