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Smoking Cessation


  1. 3.3 million quit annually, how about you?
  2. smoking increases risks for a multitude of diseases
  3. nicotine decreases your sense of taste,
    smell and touch
  4. smoking causes skin wrinkles. especially
    in the face
  5. smoking increases impotence
  6. second hand smoke is toxic for people
    and pets (and stinks too)
  7. smoking weakens the immune system
  8. cigarettes contain 4000 often deadly chemicals
  9. smoking is expensive (nearly $2000
    annually for a pack-a-day)
  10. 50% of smokers will die from smoking
    related disease

Pathways Community Acupuncture sessions are as low as $25 each. Your treatment will be specifically designed to assist you in quitting smoking. We recommend at least 3 treatments per week for the first two weeks.  (These treatments will only address symptoms associated with smoking cessation.  To address your overall health, we recommend you schedule a longer acupuncture appointment.)

Pathways also offers a Smoking Cessation Supplement Package.  For only $50 you will receive: two packages of herbal tea, aromatherapy, and two packages of smokeless cigarettes (one menthol flavored and one cinnamon flavored).



Pathways offers
 Treatment for Smoking Cessation 

Acupuncture sessions involve the gentle insertion of sterile disposable needles with the specific goal of assisting you to quit smoking.   

Smoking Cessation Supplement Package

This package includes:
Chinese herbal tea, aromatherapy and smokeless cigarettes
for $50

Chinese Herbal Tea
Receive two  boxes of Stop Smoking Herbal tea that contains no caffeine or preservatives

Smoker's Aromatherapy
Receive one bottle of smoker's aromatherapy. Hold under nose and breathe slowly to reduce cravings

Smokeless Cigarettes
Receive two packs of plastic cigarettes that contain herbs. Inhale the unlit plastic cigarette during cravings to help reduce the urge to smoke.

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