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Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine is the foundation of the Chinese medical system. Herbal medicines are made from natural ingredients. Herbal prescriptions come in many forms such as teas, pills, powders, and raw herbs.

Our Chinese Herbal Clinic stocks over 200 herbs which are used in various combinations to promote a more balanced system. Herbalists are trained to evaluate and prescribe the correct combination of herbs for each individual to address specific issues. Our on-site pharmacy provides high-quality, custom-powdered prescriptions, easily mixed with warm water and taken as teas. It is important in herbal medicine that prescriptions be developed individually. Having an in-house pharmacy means your prescription is freshly mixed each time and available while you wait.

Along with our regular herbal consultations on Saturdays at 9:00am to 3:00pm, we provide a discounted herbal intern rotation on Monday and Friday:

9:00am–1:00pm, supervision by C. J. Allen
3:00pm–6:00pm, supervision by Ruth Knill

9:00am–1:00pm, supervision by Winnie Chou.

Consultations are offered in this clinic for only $10.


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