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Client-centered Research

Pathways to Wellness has gained an international reputation for our ongoing contributions to research and evaluation. With over 16 years of experience in assessing the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment for individuals living with HIV/AIDS, we have been able to promote efforts to make complementary treatment accountable in terms of efficacy, accessibility, and public health value.

With a client-centered model, input from consumers is crucial at every phase of the development and implementation of a study. Clients are at the center of all aspects of study, and their mandates are integral to envisioning the types of projects we choose to undertake. We value clients as full participants in all aspects of our evaluations, not as passive study "subjects." Together, we strive to create the kind of cutting-edge research that will provide meaningful answers to questions that concern the public’s health and well-being.
See our other research pages for more information on research at Pathways to Wellness as well as other research on Acupuncture and Asian Medicine.

Federal Research Grant Awarded to Pathways to Wellness for Study of
Acupuncture in treating individuals with HIV/AIDS

Pathways to Wellness has recently been awarded research funding from the
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the
National Institutes of Health. The clinical trial that will be conducted is
based on a pilot study that examined the effects of acupuncture on
controlling digestive side-effects related to the use of antiretroviral
medication; this previous work indicated that acupuncture may be effective
in managing a variety of digestive symptoms, as well as favorably
influencing adherence to medications. This new study will include partners
from Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Public Health.
The 3-year grant of almost a half million dollars marks a new phase in
Pathways? development, since approximately only 10% of those who apply
receive funding.

Department of Defense Grant Awarded to Pathways to Wellness for Study of
Acupuncture for U.S. Veterans

Pathways to Wellness has received a federal research grant from the U.S.
Department of Defense to examine the effects of acupuncture and relaxation
in treating veterans affected by chemical dependency and substance use. In
partnership with the Veterans Administration Hospital in Bedford, MA,
acupuncturists from Pathways will be conducting a study that examines the
role of acupuncture and relaxation in diminishing alcohol and drug cravings
and improving quality of life for veterans. This study is one of 5 in the
U.S. funded by the Dept. of Defense, who issued a call for proposals using
complementary and integrative approaches to health and wellness.


Pathways to Wellness presented a poster discussion at the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto in Summer 2006

Our discussion focused on integrating acupuncture care into a variety of settings, including hospitals and community health clinics. The material presented addresses the issues of working with special populations.

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